There was once a funny,old meercat called Sergy,he was the most loving meercat you would ever meet but suddenly the most fierce serial killer in the history of serial killers came along to his house one day, he was an animal we all call…a beast-like…wolf.As most of you know Sergy was the greatest,most powerfullest super hero back in the sixtys he took down bad guys like there was no tomorrow he was all over the news,he actully got to meet the Queen of England he was epic,everyone adored him.

So back to this story.As I was saying the serial killer (his name was actully Blood Mayhem) ataked Sergys house because he was trying to steal Rosie’s  jewels(Rosie was Sergys old wife) but Blood Mayhem was busted because Sergy had foud him but sadly he tried stoping him with a masive WACK! he tried to karartie chop his hand but Sergy was old and week now because then Blood Mayhem caught his hand and he slammed him on to the floor and Sergy got nocked out then the serial killer ran up to is wifes old,dusty bedroom and grabed a hanful of price less jewels and sprited rapidly out of his house. Sergy was hurt he was bruzed he was not fit for another battle like that again so he went to sit on his old,scratched rocking chair he thought to hiself “I need to stop that serial killer before anyone else gets hurt,”muttered Sergy, so he decided to do somthing about it.

He went to his old friend,Alfreds, house because he was a magnificent scientest and he could develop anything in the galaxy,so he said to him “Hello Alfred,long time no see,””Yes indeed my friend, yes indeed, so what can i do for you?”he said in a questionable way,””Can you turn me back into a super hero?”he asked,”Yes sure I can,” he said with pleasure, “Fabulous,”he replied.So he let Sergy go in his wacky machine and pulled the lever he wobled and wibled all over the place while billions electronic watts struck through every single vain in his body and up to his brain.His arms and legs began to get bigger and bigger each milli second until they were masive,gargantuin fighting machines he was like a much bigger version of the Incredible Hulk and then he took a giant leep out of the crazy machine and shouted out a great,big rorr and thanked his friend then ran out of the lab but suddenly he stopped in the middle of the hall way and thought if I get injured badly while I am fighting crime ive got a side kick to back me up and take down the bad guys. He was desting for greatness.

It was an ordinary day,it was raining outside and it had just gone past dawn he heard a nock on the front door he went to open it he thought to himself who could this be at this time at night, he went to open the door and looked around and then looked down, there he was a little baby meercat all in the cold he was wet threw the poor boy but then he picked up the little meercat and snuggled with him all night long he tried to keep him warm but he was shivering like mad,but then Sergy found somthing surspicious on the little babys shoulder it was a name tag it clearly said in big,bolchy capital letters OLEG he was the most cutest baby in the universe Sergy said to him you can be my side kick,your the one he said imotionaly,then the small,tiny baby blurted out papa.Sergy was crying tears of joy.

Ten years later.Oleg was thifteen now he was a big,musculer lad his father Sergy was still fit and strong even though he was sixtyseven he had found a super suit for him and Oleg and himself Sergy had a skin tight blue and red,flexible suit and Oleg was trying on all kinds of suits he tried a purple and yellow one a grey and black one and a pink and white one but he suddenly found the perfect suit it was just like his fathers suit. Sergy said to his son you are ready and Oleg riplied to his father I know dad I am going to be the greatest hero ever and Sergy said to him yes you are son,and now they were ready.

They both stud on the top of an extremely tall building they smiled at eachother and jumped off and began to fly it was unbelievible everybody smiled at them and Sergy shouted out to England HELLO CITISENS OF ENGLAND! but just then a mighty stop took place and who was it… it was the most petrofieing serial killer in the world they could beat him this time,they fist bumed eachother and flew like superman they both gave the bad,old serial killer a ginormous BANG!!! they had finally defeated Blood Mayhem they smiled at eachother and Sergy gave Oleg a great,big high five.Finally the people of England were free and safe.

                                                     That was my story.

                                                     By Vinnie Copeland.